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Press Release::The Race for (Financial) Redemption Begins

The closing of the Hayne Banking Royal Commission in Australia is set to spark a race to regain the trust of customers lost over recent years, as financial institutions scurry to prove they have learnt their lesson and changed their ways.

According to Customer Communications expert Brett Dashwood, we are likely to see

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How to Ensure Your Customers Read What You Send Them

Just because you’ve sent it, doesn’t mean your message is getting through. Here are three areas that are critical to understand to ensure that your customer communications are delivered and effective.

There are plenty of reasons why you communicate (or should communicate) with your customers.

This communication could be

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What Banks Must Do Now to Rebuild Customer Loyalty

With the release of the final report from the Hayne Royal Commission, here’s just a quick insight about what I feel the banks must now do and a lesson that many organisations can learn from.

The Banking Royal Commission final report has starkly exposed how banks treated their customers with

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