Press Release::The Race for (Financial) Redemption Begins

19 February 2019

The closing of the Hayne Banking Royal Commission in Australia is set to spark a race to regain the trust of customers lost over recent years, as financial institutions scurry to prove they have learnt their lesson and changed their ways.

According to Customer Communications expert Brett Dashwood, we are likely to see an unprecedented level of movement among customers as they seek to find a bank who will provide a tailored personal service and effectively demonstrate genuine care and gratitude.

“The transparency of fees, lending criteria and independence, as well as the ease to move between institutions, will bring our financial institutions into the “real world” of needing to provide a complete customer experience”, says Dashwood.

The final report from the Banking Royal Commission revealed that most banks were not only arrogant, they were completely indifferent to the needs and feelings of their customers.

Dashwood continued by saying, “if a bank (or any business) wants to establish a truly loyal base of customers they must eliminate the sense of indifference commonly caused through poor communications that makes people feel like a number, not a customer”.

As a specialist in the field, Dashwood teaches organisations how to create brilliant customer communications solutions and get to a position of what he calls #TrueLoyalty with their customers.

“If the banks are going to win back the trust of their customers, there are two essential steps that need to be taken”, Dashwood explains.

  1. Show that they know and truly understand their customers.
  2. Kill indifference, by showing that they care about their customers.

As customer expectations continue to rise in every industry, any company that continues to show indifference to their customers in 2019 will see them walking out the door in search of a more personalised relationship.

Brett Dashwood

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