Kicking Goals with The New SoCR™

6 October 2018

After a Soccer World Cup victory to France a few months ago, we want to introduce you to The New SoCR™!

The New Science of Customer Retention™ is the new World Game where you can either kick goals and keep customers, or not and lose them!

People WANT to be engaged with their product & service suppliers because itis easier for them. They WANT to get value, they EXPECT to get value, they SHOULD get value…and receive it the way they WANT to receive it!

All organisations communicate with their customers in some way, but how Effective is it?

Effective Customer Communication Management (CCM) allows you to create Engaged Customers

The foundation of Effective CCM is an Efficient workflow (both in time and money) that increases the value of the most important communication you have with your customers every day, month and year.

Are you caring for and retaining your existing customers, or simply focusing on (the much more expensive task of) acquiring new customers?

How Effective is your Customer Communications Management?

Click here to determine…
Are You Enhancing or Diminishing the Relationship with Your Customers?

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